Because God started the world with a family, we believe at the Happy Family Chapel that the family is of utmost important to God and the devil. Hence the devil attempts to fight families by bringing in disunity, strife, bitterness, sickness, poverty and many more evil packages. But we have hope because God told our father Abraham in Genesis 12:3 that in him, all families of the earth (including yours) will be blessed.

Our marriage and family intimacy ministry is targeted at re-connecting with the basic family principles found in the bible and offering service to individuals and homes through the knowledge that comes from the word of God.

Our LoveArena ministries include:


Marriage Promise Keepers

“My marriage may not be the best but it’s worth it” this is a slogan commonly used by the marriage promise keepers. Marriage Promise Keepers are a group of inter-denominational married couples who believe marriage is worth the hard work and the enjoyment.

Marriage just as a rose has its beautiful times, and its tough times which are represented by the thorns found on a rose flower. Here we believe marriage was founded by God, we believe it is to be enjoyed and not endured, we believe every marriage can be restored, we believe marriage is worth it because God said so.

With practical biblical teachings and counseling by renowned marriage counselors Bishop Charles and Rev Carol Ighele, the group meets from time to time to hang out, renew our marriage vows, fan the flame of love in our homes and get hands on solutions to marital problems.

This group is headed by Daniel and Noja Alaigba and our activities include regular barbecue nights, pepper soup nights, beach outings, romantic picnics, movie nights, date nights, soccer games, and yearly love renewal weekend getaways.

Single Parents Forum

Doing the jobs of both parents when you are only one person can get really challenging, that’s why we are here to help you carry the burden. Our single parent forum is for fathers and mothers who are single-parents as a result of the loss of a spouse, divorce or separation.

Here real life teachings are employed to help you deal with your own frustrations and fears, live a worry free life and importantly; parent your children right. Parent craft classes, prayer meetings, group discussions, interactive meetings and outings are organized periodically for you to both learn and unwind.

Real Fathering

The greatest problem facing the world today is the problem of fathering. Many boys and young men are not trained on how to be husbands and fathers so when they find themselves in this position, they either re-play the parenting skills used by their own fathers or just lean back and watch things unfold. We believe the time has come for fathers and men to take their place as men and leaders as God has created them to be.

With regular teachings, counseling sessions and prayer meetings, the Real Men and Fathers meet regularly to bond, develop friendships and learn. The group is open to men from all denominations and also to single men (it is never too early to start learning).

Intimate Gist With MAMA

Rev. Carol Ighele regularly hosts this meeting she has tagged intimate gist to discuss pressing issues of love, dating, fashion, trends and peer pressure with female youths and singles.

We have realized that if left alone, many of our young ladies can fall prey to the temptations of this world, so in a fun filled atmosphere, the issues that bother single ladies are trashed out. We believe while waiting for Mr. Right, every single lady can be God’s bride, bringing Him pleasure and fulfilling her duties without impatience or grumbling. This group prepares the Mrs. to be so she can be someone’s Mrs. Right!

Female teenager or single and you want to have fun while in God’s waiting room; join us up to receive information about our meeting times

Senior Citizens Group

You may be old, but you are still very relevant. We at the senior citizen’s group believe every bit of the word of God in Joel 2:28 that even at old age, we shall dream dreams, that is; still have goals, ambition, targets and reasons to pursue each day with renewed vigor. This interactive group offers advice and experiences on health, finances, children relationship, sex, life ambitions and business plans for people who are 60 and above. Life can indeed get interesting as you get older just as the day gets the most beautiful during sunset.

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